This Idiot’ skipped formal education to pursue his passion for computers

This Idiot’ skipped formal education to pursue his passion for computers

VADODARA: You can say he is the original Idiot’. For, long before 3 Idiots’ caught the fancy of movie buffs, Jay Brahmbhatt, 20, had already proved that he is one!

At present, he is the world’s youngest software security specialist. And he had become world’s youngest certified systems engineer at the age of 11.

He had enough talent to get enrolled in any graduation course after he passed his higher secondary exams two years ago, but this Idiot’ instead preferred to pursue his passion for computers and enrolled in a year’s programme at IPSR institute in Kerala. And, he got the reward for following his heart after he passed the exams held by US-based Red Hat Company in December 2009. This Gujarati scored 100 per cent marks in the first two tests and over 90 per cent in the third exam. Red Hat is a well known software solution company that created LINUX-based computer operating systems in 1990s.

“I was good at computers from my childhood and I developed confidence when I became Microsoft’s youngest certified systems engineer. I was also the youngest candidate to become CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) at 11,” Jay, who studied at Bhavans School, told TOI.

And why didn’t he pursue his formal studies after higher secondary? “Studying for four years would have kept me busy and hence I went in for the Red Hat certified engineering exams in September 2008,” he said.

“IPSR confirmed it with Red Hat Company and gave me the certificate of being the youngest candidate ever to pass the exams,” Jay said. He always believed that one should follow one’s passion to succeed in life, he added.
The young computer wizard is now planning to fly to USA to get experience on live servers and more exposure to world-class computer systems. Before leaving, he is trying to get admission in Bachelors of Computers Application (BCA) because he knows that a formal degree will be required in future.

“But, I won’t ever settle abroad. I will come back within a year or two and settle in India,” he added.

Source: The Times of India3

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