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Best Practices in Problem Determination – Service Linux

Did you ever encounter your customers are screaming over the phone for network or systems down? At one point whatever the situation the reality is that there’s a problem and you need to solve it.  Its looks so basic for advance linux professional but it’s a tool ready to use for all Sys/Net Administrator. Here are…
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A quick guide when providing technical support

Whether your product is an open-source script, a Web application or a downloadable product, you will need to provide some form of technical support. This article explores the subject based on my long personal experience of of providing technical support, paid and free. Giving technical support at work and in user community has been my life for a number of years now, not because I love doing it but because i have no other choice, toink! Or I just love to help! 🙂

The very powerful ‘ls’ command

An ls (pronouced as el es) utility appeared in the original version of AT&T UNIX. Today, two popular versions of ls are the Free Software Foundation’s (part of the GNU coreutils package) and the one released by various BSD variants, such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Apple Computer’s Darwin. Both are free software and open…
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