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Harden Ubuntu Server Security

This guide is intended as a relatively easy  guide to harden the security on an Ubuntu Server. Although it is not recommended to follow everything in this article, as it is always on a case to case basis, but for you to have an ideas on the options you can take to harden you Ubuntu…
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SemiCode OS Might Be Your Next Development Platform

Many of these tools are ready to serve, via a quick install from either your package manager or by downloading them, individually, from their respected websites. But what if you wanted all of those tools, at the ready, on a single, programmer-friendly platform? If the thought of having every tool you need to develop, pre-installed on a Linux distribution, appeals to you, there’s a new platform in the works that might fit your needs to perfection.

10 Useful Sudoers Configurations for Setting ‘sudo’ in Linux

A system administrator who assumes the role of the root user can permit other normal system users with the help of sudo command and a few configurations to run some commands as well as carry out a number of vital system operations including the ones mentioned above.

Alternatively, the system administrator can share the root user password (which is not a recommended method) so that normal system users have access to the root user account via su command.