Category: System Adminstration

Securing a Fresh CentOS 7 Server

Securing the I.T infrastructure is essential to protect us or our data. I don’t say this is the best way to secure CentOS 7 server, even the most hardened CentOS 7 can be breached, if I have miss-configured or I’m wrong, please let me know. Password Use a minimum password length of 12 to 14…
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Open Source SysAdmin Resources

Open Source SysAdmin Resources   Automation Automation build. Apache Ant – Automation build tool, similar to make, written in Java. Apache Maven – Build automation tool mainly for Java. Bazel – Google’s build system. GNU Make – The most popular automation build tool for many purposes. Gradle – Another build automation system.   Backups Backup…
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Monitoring File Access using Auditd

If you are running a mission critical web server, or maintaining a storage server loaded with sensitive data, you probably want to closely monitor file access activities within the server. For example, you want to track any unauthorized change in system configuration files such as /etc/passwd.